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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Rest day in Siklas

We have just arrived in Siklas for our full rest day before continuing on our trek. We have had four beautiful days of hiking, climatizing, and camping in the mountains near Pokhara. We camped alongside a beautiful river our first night and then had a full day of hiking without much altitude gain in order to work out pack fit and further break in our boots. Our second night was spent only 600 or 700 feet higher than our first and then our second full day of hiking brought us up closer to 5000 feet where we camped on a hillside with spectacular views of Fishtail and Annapurna 4. Our third day was much more intense and had an elevation gain of 4000 feet and ended with a silent walk through the cloud-filled, high altitude, rainforest and a beautiful campsite in the forest at just over 9000 feet. Today we hiked down to the small village of Siklas where we will spend all day tomorrow resting and preparing for the second leg of our trek. Spirits are high, legs are tired and the food is fantastic. Much love from the Himalayas.

Shanti, Micah and Aditya.