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Ride Down Penny Lane

The gang had set out on a mission to purchase bikes in order to traverse the wild city of Udaipur, when a relic of days long past caught Joe’s eyes.

“Oh my god, it’s a penny farthing!” exclaimed Joe.

Indeed it was. Although it was smaller than one may imagine, the archaic cycle sat in the front of the store. Joe’s elation peaked when the store owner offered him to take it for a test ride. Without hesitation, Joe accepted and set about the difficult task of mastering the penny farthing. The tricky part is that the pedals are centered on the large front wheel, forcing you to turn your legs at odd angles whenever you wish to turn. I myself could not quite ride this contraption, as my abnormally long legs would collide with the handle bars with every rotation of the wheel. Thus, it was up to Joe, and he was all too willing to step up to the plate. It did not take long for Joe to understand the mechanics, and before long he was riding up and down the side walk bearing an enormous grin. Perhaps Joe has found his true calling.