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San Juan F.C.

San Juan is home to a population size of about 12,000. I think by now we know mostly all of the roads, stores, panderias, and a lot of the people. What neither of us knew was that we would be screaming “VAMOS EQUIPO” in blue and orange smoke and singing along to despacito by the spirit band for 2 straight hours. The San Juan futbol game had us sweating and on our feet. We recognized people everywhere we looked, and at the same time saw new faces for every recognized one. After an exciting 2 hour game, the adrenaline was still rushing. Everywhere we turned there was passionate energy. It was an emotional experience, as well as a physical one, and one of those moments that made both of us remember where we are and the kind of opportunity we have. It San Juan we had a routine, making it easy to forget to cherish our moments. The futbol game had us falling in love with San Juan all over again.