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Smells of Senegal

1) Cafe Touba
Phoebe: Tangy
Lauren: Layered
Fran: Roasted
Allyson: Sharp

2) Attaya
Phoebe: Minty
Lauren: Bitter
Fran: Brewed
Allyson: Christmas-y

3) Market Streets
Phoebe: Vaguely like bread
Lauren: Stifling
Fran: Warm and wet
Allyson: Dense

4) Sweat
Phoebe: Also vaguely smells like bread
Lauren: Natural
Fran: Distinctive
Allyson: Strangely comforting

5) Cooking Onions
Phoebe: Sizzling, mouth-watering
Lauren: Hopeful for chicken yassa
Fran: Spicy
Allyson: Sweet

6) Summer storms (during & after)
Phoebe: Muggy, then crisp
Lauren: Dusty, then clean, then dusty again
Fran: Lush and fresh
Allyson: Moving, then still