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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Temple Truck Ride

Hello there,

After sharing breakfast with our homestay families, mostly consisting of rice and leftover dinner,  we piled into a farmers pickup truck and headed to the local temple.

Given limited seating, 10 of us stuffed ourselves into the back of the truck. To keep ourselves distracted from the bumpy ride, we sang songs, played games, and even meditated (!). After a very long half hour, we arrived at the temple, where the locals were eager to take selfies with us. A

fter the visit to the temple, we were shuttled home, this time in the pouring rain. The first few minutes of the ride were spent huddled under raincoats, while we waited for the driver to put the tarp over us. The rain didn’t stop, but neither did our high spirits, and we continued to sing and make jokes the entire (bumpy) drive home.