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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

The art of preparation

I am someone who likes to prepare. Before flying halfway across the world on September 15th, I ate a copious amount of Trader Joe’s Lamb Vindaloo to grow accustomed to the spice I would experience each and every day in Nepal.

This past Saturday, after our arrival at Dragon Guest House & Veg. Restaurant, we were presented with personal gifts by Lauren and Jackson, the two compadres with whom we parted ways at Sikles on trek. For Travis there was dried meat, for Sophie, an invitation to dye her hair, and for me, my first water bottle sticker: someone accustomed to eastern toilets attempting to use a western one (photo included). Although humorous, this sticker requires a bit of backstory to be fully appreciated.

During the orientation phase of our journey in Dhulikhel, I was first exposed to the eastern toilet or “squatty potty”. Although we did not have that option available in our bathroom at the time, I decided that practice makes perfect and got a head start on my new friends by doing exactly what this sticker recommends against.

Removing the string holding the wrapping paper together led to one of the most special moments of laughter I have shared in Nepal.

To many more!