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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

things i will miss about tiquipaya

El tiempo ha volado. Time flies. It´s time to leave Tiquipaya, a place that´s come to feel like home after living with families here for a month.  There’s a lot  I´m going to miss about being here, but some of the most precious things are the routines I barely noticed at first.

Routines make life have a steady rhythm. During my third week here, I started to feel like the places I passed by everyday knew me, and I knew them. I could walk down the endless, rocky street of Collpapampa in the morning and feel like my day was really beginning, because I learned to depend on that road and it´s cows and flowers that I would pass by four times by the time the sun went down. I knew the sounds of my family making dinner, counting the roses they would sell the next day, and the same 5 songs they would listen to to make the work of taking the spines off stems and arranging bouquets not feel so much like work. I could sit on a trufi, and be touching shoulders with the people on either side of me, and learn how to feel at peace just watching people and their lives pass by out the window. I could take that trufi and walk the streets to get to my guitar teacher´s apartment in Cochabamba three times a week, and know that he´d be there to share music with me. I could do laundry once a week with my homestay sister in the afternoon sun, and feel time slipping by as we played truth or dare while squeezing the suds out of our clothes. I´ve come to love waking up in the same bedroom, watching Cochabamba news in the morning while eating un pancito, and watching the colors of the Tunari mountains all around me change throughout the day. With these new routines came spending less time with our group, all 15 of us. But that´s what made seeing everyone´s faces in the morning and inventing new snack combinations during our daily check ins and descansos from spanish class another routine that I loved.

I will miss this and so much more about Tiquipaya. Gracias por todo y recuerdame.