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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Time in Patan

At this point in time we have been in Patan for a little more than a week. Although we have only been here for such a short amount of time, I can already feel the chaos of the city. It feels as though if you take a step in any direction, you will be greeted by the alarming noise of some motorbike honking at you to move since they are speeding and swerving. Vendors on the street always see you and try to push their products on you, insisting you need their mini chess set, mala beads, or anything else they are selling even when you tell them you don’t need it in Nepali so maybe they will think you are not a tourist and give up (which surprisingly has worked better than saying it in English).

Even with all this craziness that I am not used to, as I come from a quiet rural town in Connecticut, I have found that the noise adds a special spirit to the quiet times you do get. After the activities for the day, I found my time in my homestay, either absorbing myself into my book or eating dinner and talking with my family, has been my saving grace in maintaining my sanity. At home, where it feels like there is never anything to do, I find myself trying to fit a bunch of activities in to the day. I do this to the point where it is hard to appreciate the quiet times most people would call boring. Although this is true, I have a newfound appreciation for the beauty in the silence while surrounded by this chaotic organized mess of a city. I hope that appreciation travels back to home with me, since those times are now some of the most loved things in my day.