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[unnamed poem]

Bouncing off the walls
Laughter in the halls
He trips and then he falls
Stands up and then he bawls.
Tears streaming down his face
Are met with a playful chase
And after humorous disgrace
His laughter echoes through the place.
Quick to forget his pain
Too much energy to contain
My dignity I sacrifice
To make my brother feel real nice.
Let him pull me to the ground
Spin his body round and round
It’s worth it just to see his cheer
But when I wish to disappear
He runs right up to ask for more
Even if I’m a little bored.
Eventually I get away
Far too tired now to play.
Proud of all the joy he gets
Now my forhead’s drenched in sweat
Don’t want to seem like a jerk
But little kids are a lot of work.