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Update from the Instructor Team

The students are a little more than one week into their homestays and are growing tighter and tighter bonds with their host families. The instructor team has been blown away by the students’ cultural curiosity and language skills, which will surely come in handy during this weekend’s trip to Dene. There we will learn about the practices of a Darra community and catch up with some old friends while camping on sand dunes under the stars.
For now, students are attending daily sessions at the Program House in Thies with outings to local sites weaved into coursework. This past week we visited the Artisinal Village in Thies and tomorrow we will be touring a local tapestry manufacturer. No shortage of fun things to do!
When the students have spare time, they have been given the opportunity to venture out to explore in groups around their homestay community, practicing their Wolof in local shops or at neighbors’ homes. They have also been informed of a nearby internet cafe should they need to shoot an email home or feel compelled to post a Yak.
More to come!
Baa ci kanam,
West Africa Instructor Team (Samba, Cam, Elke)