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Where are You From?

After meeting my host father we walked for a little while before turning down a dirt alleyway, where we took several twists and turns before reaching a hidden jem of a house. I met my host mother and their 6 year old daughter. Soon after arriving at the house I found myself seated next to the young girl who was reading a english childrens book, which she could not understand. I came to realise that she only knew the names of the two main characters who were dogs, and that she made up a story to here liking according to the pictures. Very quickly after looking at the book it was easy to see that the book just so happened to take place in Seattle, my home town.

After finishing the book, she started asking questions,one of them being “¿de donde eres?” or where are you from? Still holding the book in my hands I had to find a way to tell her that I was from a place in her book she probably never thought could have existed. Once I told her, she looked at me with wide eyes and then shook her head probably thinking I was crazy, I tried telling her again and she gave me the same look of disbelief. After that she wanted to teach me ballet, which I happily obliged. we also went on to play some sort of game, which I have no idea what it entailed because of my limited spanish. By the time we began to eat lunch, the fact that i come from a fictional place in her mind long forgotten, but the little reminder of home in an unfamiliar environment gave me some sort of comfort and excitement for the next month in my new home.