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Your weekly metaphor!

We were onto the next part of the journey… the homestay. Apart from the fact I cried into the arms of my friends and instructors the night before out of pure terror, I was doing better the next morning. Living with a new family for a month looks a lot different on a website sample itinerary than it does the day before we sleep in an entirely new bed, alone, with an entirely new set of people. Of course I was fine, and am fine now living with a caring and loving family… but rationality is not always a “go to” with me. Nerves and anxiety replace it fairly easily. Irrationality and the absolute unknown knocked me over that night. Worst case scenarios and my imagination had me face down, in the dirt. And the next morning I thought I was ok but those things I mentioned still winded me. haha. but seriously. My backpack was also one of those things. haha thanks to one of my friends for taking this and to my other friend for laughing at me, as pictured. (Nico and Emily thanks ! Love you guys !)

I´m doing good now. I still get knocked down on the ground sometimes (metaphorically), but my new family, both dragon and San Juan help me back up every time.