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2nd Day in Jodhpur

Today everyone was split up into three groups of four and visited 3 different empowerment centers around the city. We (Grace, Isabella, Faith, and Norah) went to Abhala Empower Center. We pulled up and two girls met us. They lead us to the center, and we started the day by watching the women work on math, English, and sewing. The women were so proud of the clothes they had made, and showed us what they were doing now, and projects they had completed in the past. Then, one of the teachers asked if we could transfer the attendance they had taken on paper onto the computer. It was tedious! We were glad to do it though, because we knew that what took us three hours would have taken them so much longer. After the women were done working, they came over to us and asked us what our names were and how old we were. One of the women was only 16 and was married and had a child; We had read about this cultural norm, but meeting someone who lived it was what made it feel real. Then we had about an hour, where we had lunch and got to know the two teachers a little more, and each other! Around 2pm the womens’ children came for afternoon school, and when they saw us they were so excited! We then CONTINUED to fill out the attendance log. The kids were taking a test and after it was graded, a little boy came up to us and proudly showed us his 100%, we were all very proud of him! Next, the little girls showed us some traditional dances they had been working on, and then wanted us to dance! Being the Americans we are we did the Wobble and taught them how to do it. By the end we were having a full blown dance party! Around 4pm we had to go, but before we did we took pictures with the teachers and kids and left after a big group hug! It was such a great experience, put things in perspective, and while we had been told we can’t change the world or even these kids’ lives in one day, we were able to make a small impact, and put some smiles on their faces.