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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

6-Word Stories

Hi everybody!

A few days ago, Steve taught us a lesson on the power of stories. Inspired by Hemingway’s “baby shoes, for sale, never worn” story, we wrote our own 6-word stories. I thought I’d share a few from the group:

Long journal entries

capturing short details


Stuffed bacpack

not so stuffed anymore


Washed my clothes

Still not clean


Frosty air

Turns into sweaty bodies


Should we run?

Morning coffee instead.


Bats, rats, bile…

It’s for dinner!


She held a bat

“eat food!”


Want a durien?

untouched, slightly opened


Bug bites, colonies, needs tiger balm


Slimy and wet- like this leech!


Jungle rain makes mud…

whoops again!


Alden plays

Liv listens

Ted talks