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A collection of 6 word memoirs from Temento Samba

During the first week of our semester, our instructor Cam introduced us to six word memoirs. Sitting in the round tower, on the woven mat, in the breeze of Mouit, we learned that sometimes you only need six words to capture a moment, memory, or feeling. Throughout the trip our group has found ourselves thinking in six words. Every time something from Senegal strikes us, we have taken on the challenge of trying to fit the moment into these shortened stories. We carried this tradition all the way to our rural homestays. Below is a complilation of six word memoirs that best describe the magical time that was Temento Samba.

~ Six am wake up with roosters
~ Herds of children in the streets
~ Never knowing where I’m going
~ Two lunches[, Two dinners, Mi harii
~ Salimatou and Salimatou, singing and stargazing

The memoirs not only reflect what we see but what we feel. There are moments when you are purley struck by whats around you and other moments when you cant escape your head. These are the times when you lean on the group and these short memoirs we use to share our experices with eachother.

~ Safety under the great mango tree
~ Missing my friends, reunion so sweet
~ Purses from leaves, Prada is shook
~ “We can pourage first” Samba said
~ Yellitaire yogurt sacs are the mood
~ Missing the service, making me grateful
~ Attaya time is break time here