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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

amazon at last

at this point i think everyone in andes and amazon group a knows how much i love being warm considering i brought 5 jackets with me on this course (and have 0 regrets) and spent our last two weeks in bolivia living in my puffy. so it was surprising to no one how happy i was the second our plane landed in puerto.  and despite the never ending swarms of gnats and mosquitoes i’ve only gotten happier the longer we stayed here and that’s in part due to the rainforest itself. every time we left the boca paramani community to walk in the jungle i was stunned by how beautiful it was. everywhere you looked something was growing. there were ferns that were twice as tall as i am, trees that must have been alive for over a millenia and huge impenetrable walls of roots and vines. groups of blue morphos would flit by like something out of a movie. all of this has only served to help me further realize how much i appreciate and love nature which is something i’ve really been thinking about these past two months.

on our hike to walter’s house, mira and i talked about how the jungle has been here for far longer than humans and when our group leaves it will continue to grow and spread all on its own. despite the huge impact it’s  had on us, we mean utterly nothing to the jungle. there is so much that we can take from nature, but it needs so little from us. it feels weird to write this but being reminded of  my insignificance on a global scale is a good feeling and one i want to carry with me in the future.