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An updated itinerary and some recent photos

For the last week, the Morocco semester has been visiting Zagora and M’Hmid area, in the southeast of the country.  We visited some local kasbahs and met up with some youth groups and environmental NGOs.  Then we visited Brahim and Mustapaha, two brothers who are trying to return to a traditional nomadic lifestyle in the desert.

We are now in a small city called Tafraoute and the student expedition starts the day after tomorrow.  They are planning on taking us to Sidi Ifni on the Atlantic Coast in the south of the country, and then to Essaouira a couple hours south of Casablanca.  Following that 8-day expedition, we will be going to Sidi Kaouki for 5 days of transference and course wrap up before heading to Casablanca to say goodbyes and depart.