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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


Hello all!! We arrived in Bhaktapur around 11 am, after saying goodbye to our Kathmandu homestay families early this morning. Everyone is doing well, despite our sad goodbyes.

We all got on the bus to Bhaktapur, threw our trekking packs into the very last row and sat down, ready to embark on our hour long journey from Bansbari to Bhaktapur. The ride was calm and easy, everyone chatted and sang until we arrived just outside of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, where Charlie and Makenzie hopped out of the bus to grab us all tickets to enter. The bus dropped us off, we tipped the driver, and walked about five minutes to Ganesh Guest House. After arriving at our guest house, we all got to our rooms, unpacked our bags, and washed up before going out to a rooftop lunch around the corner from where we are staying. Because of the fact that our guest house is so cheap, we’re all able to splurge at meals during our x-phase, thus many of us ordered two lunches. I had steamed chicken momos and a plate of egg fried rice with a fresh lemon soda, salted.

After finishing up at lunch around two, we came back to the guest house and relaxed until about 4:30, when we left to walk around Durbar Square, being guided by Casey, who did the majority of the research on our selected x-phase location. Then, after about a two hour tour, we walked to Cafe Beyond, a Korean fusion restaurant, where we all ordered an exorbitant amount of food, again, which we will continue to do until our x-phase is over! I had chicken bibimbop, it was delicious.

Some of us are back at the guest house already, while others are out making late night curd runs, as Bhaktapur is known for its Juju Dhau, or, King Curd, which is honestly pretty good!

I’m currently sitting on Zoe’s bed, while she, Julia, and Charlie laugh about something I was not listening to. The five of us, me, Charlie, Julia, Zoe, and Makenzie all are sharing a room tonight, dormitory style. We like to joke that were spending a few days living together in a college dorm, and let me tell you, it smells like a college dorm in here right now.

So yeah, a quick little update from our end! We will have another update tomorrow night, and I’ll try and attach some pictures to this post!! Also, we leave for the Buddhist nunnery on the 27th, where we’ll be for four days. I’ve been informed that we won’t have internet, but we will be able to connect back with family members and other loved ones once we reach transference in the Green Valley on December 1st.

We miss you guys!

Love, Charlotte