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Blue Moon

As I go through my journey in West Africa, I realized that the stars I would say take my breath away have changed. The stars are rare, so usually anything that makes me gasp in realization is not what’s in front of me. I would say it’s like a changing star, because it’s once in a blue moon.


Africa shows me how incredible women and men are with their different roles and how they transfer that at home to ensure they are providing the things needed. I love it because all that’s needed for some families is four US dollars and good family company, and it just blows my mind how much happier they are than people who have more. Also, in my daily adventures no one has a tense face or any signs of frustration, it’s literally people greeting one another with love and that is something that I have never experienced with the strangers in my own community. Love has a different meaning here. Words can’t explain it – here in Senegal you feel it as soon as you wake up, and again as soon as you fall asleep.