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Rice paddy terraces

Chinese Group Yak

I recently took a poll of everyone’s favorite word or phrase in Chinese. I’ve included the characters and meaning of each person’s selection, our Chinese names, and a photo of the poll itself.


奔腾 Bennett: 意外和明天不知道哪个先来。A disaster or tomorrow, you never know which will come first.

高暮花 Muskaan: 星 Star

荷美丽 Mercedes: 鱼和熊掌不可兼得。You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

彼得 Peter: 开卷有益。Reading makes you a better person.

安诺 Noah: 信心 Confidence

方圆 Thomas: 我很喜欢柚子。I really like pomelos (big yellow fruit).

唐曼丽 Melissa: 缘分 Fate

安星宇 Nik: 糖醋里鸡 Sweet and sour chicken

李丽花 Ellie: 越来越 More and more

董中澄 Amanda: 爱心卡!Elderly bus card; the thing the machine says when a senior citizen scans their free bus pass.


Thanks to everyone for contributing and to my homestay brother Domi for helping me with the characters.