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Complete blur of beauty

In my journey throughout Temento Samba, it was a complete blur of beauty. It went by so fast, I never knew it was possible to create a bond so fast compared too my first homestay which was 2 weeks longer. It’s even sweeter because I have a home in Senegal that I feel so comfortable with. My homestay I had two moms, one father, one brother and three sisters. Polygamy played a huge role in my homestay where it became a learning experience for me, the way they came together to make sure the household was strong without any bickering between each other throughout my homestay was mind blowing. I couldn’t believe it, in so many ways back home I would’ve never seen two women play such huge roles in a home where honestly it is possible to bump heads. I look at it as a culture thing where it’s all love and peace behind it, people in the community come behind and show unconditional love even if it’s us as foreigners or the same exact people within their everyday encounters. It’s just absolutely beautiful to see how tradition and love can come in hand and hand to create such a strong foundation within society. I’m honestly just stunned and thankful for the journey.