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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.


Hola from the high city of El Alto. The group just got done in Tikuipaya and we are again on the MOVE. I just wanted to talk about my experience with the art of street art on this day today. Lets get into it shall we? Street art (aka graffiti, but that has illegal connotations) is the art of painting on walls. Me and one other person named Olivia had the opportunity to do this painting on walls and it was great. We got to work with the greatest street artist in Bolivia, named Puriskiri. He is a very cool individial. Very skilled indeed. Through several weeks and even more lessons we got to use spray paint to make wonderful pieces of art. I have none of those with me right now so whoever is reading this cannot see them. However we learned how to write letters using spray paint and different pices, including faces, flowers, and even a dismembered hand holding a microphone for some reason. Truly wonderful. I would attach a photo of what puriskiri did, but I dont know how to attach it. Its way better than anything the other two of us could ever do though.