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Guru Rinpoche

The morning hike to the Kongmaru La pass was a long and tough day. The whole group was up to the task, but that didn’t make it any less painful and tiring. The reward for completing the trek was being able to see the  beautiful statue of Guru Rinpoche. The statue was no bigger than 6 feet tall and surrounded by a small half frozen lake. This area that we had hiked to was where the second Buddha reached enlightenment and gained self control. The whole area was representative of the group at the time. The frozen part of the lake represented the half of the group that was tired and cold and those who could not wait for the day to end. The other half was the free flowing water behind the statue, which we people who were empowered by the view and wanted to push on with speed. The high mountain past the Guru showed what we still had to overcome and the path behind us congratulating us with every step. The sun confusing us whether we should be wearing more or less layers because of the increasingly chilly weather. We sat for a while near the guru and had a short, but very real and quiet meditation. We sat and listened to the wind on the mountain and when it stopped, so did all other sound and we all found ourselves enhanced and reflective to the achievement we all accomplished together. We soon continued on and thought less and less about Rinpoche and what his life story meant, but everyone took something with them that day. Even though the Guru said nothing he had taught our group something very special and profound. He taught us what it meant to human.