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Rice paddy terraces

Hello from Marcus

Hello Families & Friends,

I’m Marcus, the most recent addition to our team. Thank you, Jody, for the kind introduction.

I landed in Lijiang last night, and I have happily joined the group at our rural homestay in Nanyao, Yunnan.

Aside from working as a Dragons instructor, I work as a freelance literary translator, Chinese and English teacher, and a Chinese-English interpreter. On the side I have also been shadowing a Taiwanese geologist on a variety of projects, primarily related to sustainable agriculture, reforestation, and preserving Taiwanese aboriginal culture. I am originally from Brookline, MA, but have been based in Taipei, Taiwan since 2013.

I am very excited to be here, and I am looking forward to get to the know the group as we finish off the course together.

Best wishes from Nanyao village,