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Hey friends!

Hi everyone!!!

This is a pic I took the morning I left Guatemala. I look at it everyday and it reminds me of you guys and all the beautiful memories I have of you and the country.

Thank you so much for all your sweet messages. It really means a lot. I’m so happy to hear you guys are having an amazing time and I could only wish I was there to experience it with you. I think of you guys everyday. I miss you a lot.

I’ve been doing a lot better. After the doctor prescribed me no medicine I went to see a homeopathic doctor who told me to take probiotics and magnesium so we’ll see how that works out. I also saw a nutritionist who put me on a SUPER strict diet (Gracie you should be proud of me!!). I’ve gotten a LOT less bloated so no Emily I won’t explode. But I’m still in a lot of pain especially after eating but I’m seeing the doctor again on the 20th of November.

Besides that I’ve been pretty bored. I registered for the SAT math subject test on December 1st which I have to take to get into college so I’m basically math studying everyday RIP. But this weekend I collected around 500 winter jackets and shoes from people in my community to give to the refugees in the camps in Greece as winter is coming up and it’s going to be freezing.

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well and I wish you guys the best time. Wow it’s only like 3 more weeks time flies.

I miss and love you all so much and can’t wait for dragons reunion in AMSTERDAM 😉

xxxxx Nico