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Hey Nico!

Hey Nico,

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since you left! We started traveling again and haven’t been in one place for more than two days since San Juan. It’s been fun and we have seen a lot of amazing things, but we are all ready for a day off!

We did an amazing trek to get to Rio Negro which is probably one of the most beautiful places we have seen so far. We are currently traveling through the lowlands so it is very hot- much different than San Juan. The last two days we have been doing a lot. We went to Yaxha and Tikal which was a lot of walking! But, the Mayan ruins and the howling monkeys were nothing like we have ever seen or heard before. We have realized that all of the dinosaur effects in all the Jurassic Park movies are just howling monkeys! Now we are in Flores which is a big change from San Juan as well because of the amount of tourism.

We are all very sad to hear that you won’t be able to rejoin us but, we are all happy you figured out what was going on and hope you start feeling better soon! We all love and miss you!

”I will ship you my lollipop for writing a Yak to Holland… JK you woulda thought digga… but seriously get bettter! Miss you and think of you everyday!” -Kat

”Hey bro, you know who it is. Don’t explode. Suit up! Cuz we will hit up gabby soon. Xoxo gg”

”Hey Nico… hope you are starting to feel better! Hope you are living it up in Holland and I hope I see you soon!! Miss you” -Meghan

”Hey dude, glad we know what’s wrong with you, we all hope you get better and we miss you! We’ll see you soon” -Jordan

”Miss you, wish you were here! Hasn’t even the same since you left. Hopefully see you sometime in the future when I make my way to Europe” -Cara

”Miss you, hasn’t been the same without you. I hope you have healthy snacks!” -Gracie

”Get your San Juan jersey on, gotta represent! Hope you feel better” -Alexis

”This trip hasn’t been the same since you left. I regret not getting to know you better while you were here. I’m sorry you couldn’t come back, but take care of your health. The group will definitely meet again!” -Emmet

”Hey Nico, I’m really sad to hear you won’t be coming back but am so happy you’re starting to feel better and finally know what’s wrong! We miss your beautiful face everyday and every time I eat a crema or pan dulce I think of you. We love and miss you! See you around” -Drea

”Hey miss laughing with you. Hope you feel better soon!” -Mila

”Hey Nico, I miss you and I’m glad you figured out what is going on. I know how much that stuff sucks but I’m glad you get to figure it out in the comfort of your home. I can’t wait to crash your house when I travel through Europe!” -Ellie