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Rice paddy terraces

Independent Study Projects

For the past month here in Kunming 3 afternoons a week our students have met with local artists, musicians, chefs and other experts to learn skills and local knowledge. Independent Study Projects (ISPs) are a way for students to own their own education and to really connect with the places they travel. We hope that our students will continue to travel and will continue to seek out rich, rewarding educational opportunities in whatever corner of the world they end up.

Here’s a short video of the students presenting what they have learned.
Bennett: Kung Fu
Mercedes: Traditional Painting
Peter: Christianity in China
Muskaan: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Melissa: Calligraphy
Ellie: Hulusi Gourd Flute
Amanda: Interviewing the Elderly
Noah: Chinese Cooking
Thomas: Internship at the World Agroforestry Centre