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Introduction from Sani, Local Director Bridge Year Program Indonesia

Hello my name is Sani Widowati, people usually just call me Sani, I am the new local director for Princeton Bridge Year Program in Indonesia. I was born and raised here in Jogja, surrounded by the unique Javanese culture. Before coming to join this program I worked in community development and cross cultural education with youth. I am very interested in working across cultures, understanding  how culture influences our social development, and – in these current digital and global times – how we bring cultures together and accept other cultures.

I love cooking and trying new recipes. Feeding people just makes me feel alive – I love it when people like my food because I usually make healthy food. I feel that through cooking we get to know a culture, and through eating we can interact and get to know many things about each other in a fun and full way.

I am the mother of a teenage son named Bumi (which means ‘earth’). The way I take my jobs (only now I can see it!) seems to be based on my son’s growth. So when he was under 5 years’ old I was working in Bali as education manager at an early childhood school, then when he was a little older I worked in West Sumatra for an organization for that also worked on children’s education. Now he is a teenager I am drawn to work with teenagers! I am really looking forward to this new experience with Dragons because I heard a lot about Dragons education methodology and it is so interesting to me and I want to learn more about it. Also I want to share my culture with both students and instructors to get more knowledge and experience.