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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Island Time

Whether it be on a tropical island in the Bahamas, or a narrow slice on the muddy Mekong, life moves at its own pace.

The sun’s oppressive heat and muggy air melt away any fear tardiness and breaking schedule. The constant buzz of bustling crowds and traffic are replaced by the hum of cicadas during hazy summer afternoons. Many days, all is silent but the rustling of palm leaves, and the hypnotic lap of waves against the shore. Most feel it take effect quickly. The desire to stay ahead of the clock fades in favour of taking the time to enjoy the little things, like a nap after a big lunch or watching the sunset from the beach with a cold drink.

“Nothing will move me from this hammock. Maybe that coconut will fall on me, but then again, maybe it won’t.”