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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

ISP Presentations!

Today our students gave final presentations about their Independent Study Projects (ISP). Each presentation lasted roughly 30 minutes, and were all interesting, engaging, and fun to hear.

John presented on his paper, Insight Into Blacksmithing in Nepal, and brandished the khukuri (traditional Nepal knife) he made. He gave a detailed discussion of related caste issues in Nepal.

Makenzie, Julia, and Sam presented about their experience making pottery in Nepal, and showed off their handmade wares.

Makenzie also shared sample traditional Nepali dishes she learned to cook during her Cooking ISP this week.

Sam presented about two ISPs, yoga philosophy and regional Asian International Relations, drew a fascinating map, and handed out candy to his peers who gave correct answers.

Casey amazed us with a special ISP he wants to keep as a surprise for his family when he arrives home!

Jamie presented on his two ISPs, woodworking and Buddhist Philosophy. He described the traditional process of carving ornate wooden furniture. He also explained some of the key points from the seminar by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche he attended in Boudha over the past week.

Charlotte described the fun and hardwork she had during her katak traditional dance ISP, and showed some video of her teacher.

Charlie presented on her for-credit ISP paper about how women and agriculture relate with various traditional customs in Nepal, and shared some fascinating insights she discovered.

Zoe presented on her for-credit ISP paper about Street Photography and Photo Journalism, describing her main takeaways as “mindfulness and moral practice”.

We were impressed by the students’ diligence in pursuing their individual topics, and grateful to each of our ISP mentors for making themselves and their skills available for our students.

Thank you everyone!