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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

isp snapshot: natasha and mosaics

ISP snapshot


Hello friends and family,


During our time in Tiquipaya, as our last post indicated, students are taking part in individual projects with mentors. We wanted to give you all a glimpse into what that is like for a few students. Today we’ll give you a little peek into what Natasha has been doing.


She is working at the mARTadero previously the old Matadero or slaughterhouse and which has been turned into a community and cultural center for artists. One artist group that takes up residence here is the group Kuska, which means “together” in quechua. They are a group of women who came together to make mosaic pieces for public and private places and are now active all over the country. Natasha will be working closely with the group and her mentor María Renee will be guiding an individual mosaic project that she will complete during her time at the workspace.


Attached you can see a picture of Natasha and the three women who are currently working at the space. You can also see a project that the women completed for the Department of Culture in which they made several mosaic faces of important women in latin america. They installed these pieces on a walkway near the center of Cochabamba and it serves as an educational piece and free to anyone that walks that strip of town. The last picture is of a mural they made in one of the theaters in Bolivia with mixed media: paint and mosaic.


What makes this group of women really special is that they had a grant funding the project for a couple of years but they got different contracts for public spaces and private spaces that helped to propel them forward. Eventually the mARTadero supported them by offering them free rent. Now they are on their own and are important members in the art community. They are all self-taught artists and have taken some classes and participated in some workshops to refine their talent.  They are inspiring, friendly, and a pleasure to be around and we are happy that a Dragon’s member can participate in this project.


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