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Itinerary Update – rural homestays, x-phase and transference

Our time in Temento Samba is quickly coming to an end. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the students’ reflections and keep an eye out for more to be posted by next weekend!

We’ve opened up the itinerary discussion to include a stronger student voice, as we look at our last month on program.

Here is our timeline through Dec. 6 – and the group will be sharing more detailed x-phase plans by this weekend as well.


Through Nov. 18 – Rural homestays in Temento Samba, a Pulaar village near Kolda in southern Senegal

Nov. 19 – X-Phase starts! The group will travel from the Kolda region in Senegal into northern Guinea.

Nov. 19-30 – X-Phase! This is where students step into larger roles, taking over planning everything from the itinerary and budget to activities and lessons. Our X-Phase will be focused on northern Guinea (potentially including some spectacular day hikes around Doucki, indigo dying lessons in Maliville and lessons on sustainable agriculture in Timbi Madina) as well as visiting our beloved urban homestay families in Thies and catching some of the sites and experiences around Thies and Dakar that we didn’t get a chance to explore in October.

Dec. 1-5 – Transference in Toubab Dialaw. Toubab Dialaw is a small fishing village on the Petite Cote that offers beautiful sunsets over the Atlantic ocean, peaceful spaces for group discussions and personal reflection, and a slower pace to help us transition home. The student flight leaves early morning Dec. 6.


Jamm ak jamm,

Peace to us and you,


The i-team