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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Koh K’sach Cupping

Hello all from our homestay on Koh K’sach Tonlea Island!

It so happens that Thavry has a neighbor across the road who does cupping (an ancient Chinese practice of chi-healing) for just $2 a session. Naturally, I had to do it.

It felt a bit like having 20 industrial-strength hickeys along my back all at once. However, less painful than it sounds (and looks), with more of a numbing sort of tingle caused by the pressure of my back-skin being vacuumed into teacups. Very unique, and strangely satisfying!

So Mom, Dad, when you see my back covered in welts when I get home, just know that I wasn’t attacked by rogue golfers in Cambodia, but that I was healed beyond repair. I think.