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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

la pachamama made me cry and allowed me to continue

first of all sorry for not using capitalization but my keyboard is sticky and the shift button doesnt work very well (i think a lot of dragons students will identify themselves with this, its a miracle if you find a keyboard where you don’t have to slam your fingers at each letter you try to press)

anyways, la pachamama. for those of you who don’t know, the pachamama is mother nature. she is the one who you ask for protection to allow you to travel. this asking for permission looks like an offering that involves a ritual with offerings. she is the one that shares everything with you, because she has given you everything.

la pachamama is very sacred in peru and bolivia, as it should be anywhere else in the world. capitalization and globalization makes you forget about her often though.

a moment when i felt the pachamamas live presence with me:

the first day i was trekking up a pass in the cordillera real, she took my breath away. literally. i couldn’t breath. we were up at 5000 meters. there was lightning that felt like the pachamama was taking a picture of me dying (with flash). and it made everyone’s messy, greasy hair stand up and float up. i was last and the pachamama was making it very challenging for me to continue. i looked up from my feet, turned around, looked at the big snow capped apos around me and cried. in my thoughts, i begged the pachamama to allow me to continue. and she did. and so i took 3 big breaths and continued with the pachamama. some days later, the pachamama allowed me to smile and enjoy the little balls of ice she fed the mountains with. she will make you cry and also enjoy. all of it is part of the experience.

i thank the pachamama for allowing me to see such beautiful parts of her and of myself.