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Lutfi’s Introduction

I am a curious person who loves to meet people.
I wonder what will happen in the end of this adventure.
I hear adolescents talking, laughing, and arguing.
I see young people growing strong.
I want the adventure of my senses before it passes me by.
I am curious person who loves to meet people.

I am a curious person who loves to meet people.
I feel the difficulties of starting a new journey.
I understand many people await me for their warmth.
I dream of traveling to other points on the earth.
I hope for the sun bright for all people.
I am curious person who loves to meet people.

My name is Lutfi Handayani, Lutfi is my nickname and Handayani is not my last name (we don’t really have last name in Javanese culture). Some friends call me Ciluk, which in Javanese means “peek a boo”, it has nothing to do about that game, but it was because of a mis-spelling from my little nephew. I come from a not-so-strict Muslim family so they allow me to be who I want to be, dress whatever I want to wear,  and travel wherever I want to go. These things led me to work as a tour guide so that I can meet a lot of people from other parts of the globe, travel to new places, learn different kind of things, and see amazing parts of the world.

There are three things I love in my life, they are people, travel, and old buildings. Those three things I usually find when I am traveling. I did few times backpacking to some countries in South East Asia, India, and some countries in Europe. I talked to different people from different cultures, I took trains, buses, and local transports, and I enjoyed sitting and staring old buildings.

I am joining the team as a Homestay Coordinator for Bridge Year Program in Yogyakarta. This is not my first time being part of Where There Be Dragons – my family was one of the homestay families for semester and summer programs! So far we have hosted 12 students since 2013. I am so excited to work with fun people for this program. I love to see the smile of the instructors, the joy of the students, and the warmth of the homestay families. I am looking forward to experience the adventures in all parts of this program.

(The poem I wrote is actually about my expectations for this amazing opportunity from Where There Be Dragons.)