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Meet Ginger: Our Program House Pup

Hi all,

I’d like to formally introduce you to Ginger, our beloved puppy. She is an Indian Mutt with lots of personality, adopted by us after she was found lost on the street without a mother. She is about three months old and rapidly growing. Here’s a puppy profile on our little paagal (fool):

Best Friend: Spotty, the earless street dog which keeps her company when we are off on excursions.

Likes: Naps in the sun, eating everything, chewing on hands, long walks by the lake

Dislikes: LPG cylinders, being locked out of the Program House, Spotty getting attention instead of her

Hobbies: Roughhousing with Spotty, running very fast and hitting walls, chasing balls, butterflies, and anything else that’s thrown

Achievements: Can eat 3x her weight (usually Spotty’s food), can catch tail with some accuracy, has successfully stolen our hearts