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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Our xphase has begun!!

¡¡Hola familia y amigos!!

Students have their hands full with xphase planning which has commenced as of this evening! We are headed on a night bus to Sucre. We will update you shortly of what our plans are for the next nine days.

In the meantime know that our hearts are full thinking of you all as we celebrated a mini thanksgiving here in Tiquipaya with our Spanish teachers this morning. We made alfajores and apple pie (thanks Zora for a delicious recipe).

This afternoon we said goodbye to the families that have so graciously hosted us as we forked oven roasted plantains, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, corn on the cob, salads, and roasted chicken into welcoming mouths.

Now the full moon will light our way as we head to the colonial city of Sucre.


Wish us look and we will touch base soon!

lxs instructorxs