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Out of trek and on the route again!

Hola a todes!

Hello everyone,

We finish our Trek in Verapaz that took us from Rabinal to  the comunity of Chitukan on the first day, were the president of the comunity welcome us with the best salón the comunity had to offer, and talked to us about the story of both the conunity and his own. The next day a part of the group cotinued the trek towards the comunity of Rio Negro and others went in private transportation, by the afternoon of the 2nd day the hole group was together at Rio Negro.

During our time in Rio Negro we learn about  the conflicto armado, and how this comunity was very affected by it. But also we were able to support and learn about the new stories, the ones about resistence and resilence, about solidarity and love.

It was actually a beautifull couple of days.

Today we left Rio Negro very early in the morning to head to Petén, were we will be the next couple of days. After here the students will take us to the ruins in the area of Flores, yup, they are taking us, as they are organizing their mini-exphase!

We are super emocionados for the days to come!

Saludos a todas y todos!

-the Iteam!