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Roses from first full day in Vatsalya:
“I was sitting down and this little girl walked over to me and sat in my lap and started playing with me and especially my hair. She was so cute and it made me so happy to know that I was making a human connection with her even with the language barrier.” Faith 20
“Attending the Pooja for Annakoot. Everyone came together and sang Bhajans (devotional songs)” – Esha ‘20
“Jump kicking the punching bag” -Isabella ‘20
“bucket showers” -Emma ‘21
“Talking with the kids and talking selfies with them” -Zahra ‘21
“Cleaning the solar panels and learning how to kick the punching bags with the little kids” – Norah ‘21
“During the singing at the Anakoot festival a little girl just grabbed my hand and then crawled into my lap, it was the cutest thing!”-Grace ‘20
“The smiles. The laughter. The overall happiness of the children. There will always be a language barrier between us but we knew that through a simple, exchanged smile, we were able to connect nonetheless.” -Leila ‘20
“I loved getting to meet and bond with all of the kids! They’re all so amazing!!” Dylan 20
“Being able to play and have fun with the kids even with the language barrier. Also taking risks by eating the 56 dishes they served us for lunch although I didn’t know what the majority of the foods were” Ariana 20

“I loved walking down the path while the sun was setting with Norah Esha and Isabella. We then cleaned the solar panels which was something I had never done!!!!!!!”