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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Saying Goodbye

Disclaimer! The picture attached was taken right after I wrote this yak, has nothing to do with the context of this yak, just a photo of the ladie$$$$$ p.s hi mom ๐Ÿ™‚

Just two days ago we left out homestay families, who have put a roof over our head and food on our plates for 32 days of this program. It started off awkward when I first met them, but by the end of the car ride home the first day we met I already felt more comfortable around them and now that 32 days have passed, I feel like I could come to them with any problem in the world and they would have my back.

My amma, Dolma, made me tea everyday when I came home and we would sit for hours talking about everything from past dragons students to planning a trip back to Nepal. She took me in as her own daughter and made me feel welcomed and loved in their house. My baa, Keshab, always put a smile on my face, telling crazy stories of places the heโ€™s been, joking around about my Nepali, and teaching me important lessons about life and business. My bahini, Diya, is the most intelligent, compassionate, young lady I know, she is 12 years old and always is thinking about the well being of those around her, this upcoming weekend she is volunteering at a local orphanage to help children wash their clothe and keep them company.

I am proud to call these people family, and hope to keep in touch and visit in the near future. Sending love from Nepal….