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Senegalese Baby Log

Author: Akiva Axelrad-Hausman
Title: Senegalese Baby Log

One baby 2 baby three baby 4,
I’ve seen sooo many babies here,
But I’d love to see some more,
Number one was the neighbor’s baby on the police officer’s back,
Boy oh boy it’s hard to write a yak,
Next came the abundance of newly born goats,
I’ve seen so many babies here,
But I really don’t mean to gloat,
Number three was the baby on the salt lake worker’s back,
Boy oh boy it’s really hard to write a yak,
Number four was my host brother’s one year old Fallou,
It always warmed my heart to hear that baby coo,
Five, six, seven, three baby kittens born next to my door,
Finally the family sheep had its baby,
Number nine and ten were the baby bunnies my host brother brought home from vacation with his uncle.
I’m tired of rhyming so this poem will not rhyme from here on.
Number eleven through thirty were the chicks my host brother brought home to raise.
This is my Senegalese baby log.
Sadly I haven’t yet seen a baby dog.


(I-team update: Akiva’s happy to report that as of writing, she has seen a baby dog.)