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Some recent pictures

Photo 1: Said demonstrates how the potters make, glaze, and fire the famous green pottery/ceramics of Tamegroute.

Photo 2: Students in the oldest and one of the largest kasbahs (“castles”) in Morocco made in the 1550s. Thirty families cohabitate this “building”.

3: A scene from our Homestay farewell party in Azlag, outside Qalaat M’Gouna. The families played music with tubs, glasses, forks, and metal trays and sang, danced, and ululated/trilled.

4: Said shows us the Nasiriyya Zawiya where Muhammad bin Nasir (a Sufi Saint) is buried.

5: Our students, along with the women from a Rose Water Association outside Qalaat make (“roll”) berquqsh, which is similar to couscous, in large handmade bowls.