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The sweaty adventures of lil sweaty

Hey yak board, it’s been awhile. I really should post more but laziness sticks with you wherever you go is what I’ve learned. Don’t worry loyal yak readers that may or may not have been concerned about my lack of posting, I’m fine. Now let me tell you something yak board, the folks at home won’t believe this, but I’m doing decently well at the trekking. At home I am always the first to turn down a hike because a)lazy b)I’m scared for my knees. So far we’ve done 3 hikes and 1 trek. The first hike was so hard for me. I was actually dripping sweat. I have never dripped sweat before in my life. During this first hike I really had to really learn and apply mind over matter. Seeing that first view, the best feeling ever. It was so beautiful and I was so high up, and I earned it. And most importantly, my knees made it. I don’t know if you understand the feeling of always saying no to something because you’re so scared you physically can’t do it, then you do it and conquer it…in Africa! I had to make sure I had pictures of me there at the top because if it was just my word, I was scared people wouldn’t believe me. During that hike so many times I thought I wouldn’t make it, but the group knew I could and pushed me to make it. After that I felt more capable for the next, which was good because the hikes just got harder, but the views just keep getting better. Knowing this now has prepared for the moments to come when I don’t think I can do it because I’m too weak or my knees can’t handle it, because since I’ve made it before I’ll make it again and again. And when that’s not enough, the group pushes and inspires me to keep going. Seeing that first view has made me never want to miss another view again. Since I was able to do it in Africa, I don’t think I have a very valid excuse to turn down anymore hikes back home, especially since the people that want me to go on these hikes at home are probably reading this. Now I can’t wait to see the views my knocked knees will take me to next. Anyways I’m done with my rant. Congrats to those that made it to the end of my, dare I say, amazing, yak. As a reward I will reveal a very useful tip. If you are low on the poop scale, eat biscuits, the more the better, and you won’t be mad because we love carbs here in Senegal. If you’re higher on the scale, lots and lots of mango juice, and coffee. And if you’re too high remember, YOU WILL POOP AGAIN. XOXO Shania