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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Tidbits from Tiquipaya

Dear Amigxs,

It’s hard to believe that our time in Tiquipaya is coming to end. I am currently sitting in the program house sipping on ginger tea while the students are valiantly planning their Expedition Phase.

Last weekend some of the students with their host families joined the instructors and many community members to partake in the tradition of the Wallunka. In this celebration women are hauled on a swing up into the air where baskets are hanging. The goal is to grab one of the baskets with your feet/legs at the height of your swing. It was so fun to share this tradition with everyone.

Somehow our time in Tiquipaya has been really full, from Spanish classes in the morning to ISPs in the evenings. We have been graced with charlas on Bolivian History and Indigenous Identity. As an instructor I am very amazed and proud how the students have engaged in their time here. It hasn’t always been easy. As we near the end of our course we have been having lots of discussions about that odd feeling of ‘I am homesick but I also really want to be here.’ The group has been supporting each other in the rollercoaster that conscious travel can bring about.

As mentioned above one of the most exciting reports is that this Thursday we begin our X-PHASE!! The students have been intentionally planning travel to many wonders of blessed Bolivia. So STAY TUNED for an update from them this next week.

Until, many blessings from Bolivia.


Elly y equipo