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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Tiquipaya, hogar dulce hogar

Hello family and friends!!


We are currently in Tiquipaya enjoying the sun and the rain of the altiplano cochabambino that rests at the feet of Tunari. When we rolled into Tiquipaya on Sunday we were welcomed with a wonderful and clear view of the mountains surrounding this beautiful valley. Students are settling into their last homestays, eager for the time they have to be in one place for an extended period of time.


While in Tiquipaya students are taking Spanish classes during the mornings. As part of their lessons they will be doing some outings to nearby Cochabamba, just a trufi ride away, and also some cultural lessons involving cooking and eating (this group’s favorite activity). Today as we write this, one of the Spanish groups is trying their hand at making empanadas de queso and api, a hot corn drink that is absolutely delicious.


In the afternoons students will be doing their individual projects. They are all súper emocionados and most of them have met their mentors and started their projects yesterday. Following is a list of what each student is doing. We have a very hands-on group in terms of ISP interests. Next time you talk to them ask them how their project is going and what they have been learning!!


Sam: cooking

Amado: cooking

Clemente: cooking

Natasha: mosaic with a women’s cooperative in Cochabamba

Zora: women’s health with a midwife

Zoe: jewelry

Noelle: weaving

Gillian: photography

Grace: painting

Maggie: dance

Claire: street art/graffiti

Livana: natural building constructions


¡Un saludo cordial y un abrazo fuerte desde Tiquipaya, la ciudad de las flores, city of flowers!


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