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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Transition to Peru

Dear friends and families,

Yesterday we came back form our trek at the bottom of a mountain called Condoriri. We enjoyed this trek so much as a group. We were able to touch a glacier and hike to the top of a near peak (Pico Austria) and see a large part of the mountain range.

Sitting next to the glacier was one of the most peaceful things that I have ever done and I know that I am not alone in this feeling. After sitting there for 30 minutes we decided to go back to our campsite in silence to maintain the reflective feeling that the glacier had given us.

When I was walking back to the campsite, I decided to walk into the lake that was next to our campsite. I had seen earlier that the students were walking in it and I said, “there is no way that I will go in this icy water”. Coming back from the glacier and seeing how the water was melting and slowly flowing into the lake. I felt a deep connection with that space. I went in and then I joined the group. For some reason I felt and incredible happiness from this simple act.

The next day we climbed to the top of Pico Austria. It was an intense walk. We talked about the sacredness of this mountains and Percy (our guide) gave us information about the space where we were.

When we made it to the top we all glared with joy. The view was incredible. We were able to see our campsite, the sacred Lake Titicaca, Huayna Potosi (a impressive mountain) and a really large stretch of the mountain range. We saw also many lakes and the city of El Alto.

It was just incredible to be able to have that view. I had never felt that I was so amazed with how far my own eyes could see. I know many of the places that we were seeing and I know that there is in some cases 3 or 4 hour of a drive between them.

I am so thankful for this experience and I hope all my students are still processing this experience. This afternoon we are making a space for a debrief of the trek so I guess I will hear more their thoughts about the experience.

With that debrief, we are also going to include a talk about our time in Bolivia that has come to an end. We are leaving Bolivia this afternoon at 4:30 and heading to Peru and to our amazon part of this trip.

As a Bolivian this is a little of a sad period of the course, but I am really happy that the last two days was our way to say good bye to Bolivia.

We hope that you are enjoying your fall, because we certainly are.