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Rice paddy terraces

Update & Muskaan’s Birthday

To celebrate Muskaan’s birthday we all went to dinner at a vegan restaurant here in Kunming. We even had a vegan cake!
This is our final weekend here in Kunming. On Monday we’ll head north to the village of Nanyao outside of Lijiang (still in the Yunnan Province). We’ll spend a week there before the students start their x-phase.
X-phase is the part of the course where students take the lead and decide where we go and what we do. Using the skills they’ve developed over the past 2.5 months the students will be responsible for creating and facilitating a meaningful, educational experience for the group. Of course the instructor team will be there but only in a support role. We’re excited to see how the students decide to use their x-phase week. As soon as they have finalized their plans they’ll post a yak letting you all know where we’ll be going.