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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Village Caper

Village Caper
by Jackson Klingelhofer

Afternoon sunlight through a faint pink shade,
Colors the cement wall, mosquito net and mirror and new paint,
Bahasa Langa, shuffling and American pop,
Outside my window, the village symphony never stops.

When it gets dark, The Virgin Mary is adorned with candle light,
The villagers begin to pray, as the dogs emerge to rule the night,

As Mama cooks, smoke from the open fire and Djitoe ciggerettes fill the room,
Papak lets out a cough and flings the dogs out of the house with the wrong end of a broom.

After dinner we drink tea to offer our stomachs a rebuttle,
Teh Gopek dengan gula banyak, the sweetness is never subtle.

Sleep time is at nine, Papak has been working all day in the Kabun,
I slip outside to admire a billion stars overpower the moon.