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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Water logs

X-phase is the portion of the trip where the students are in charge. Students were given a start and finish point and tasked to plan and execute activities for the week of X-phase. Students did everything from booking hotels to budgeting to risk management. The instructors were just along for the ride. They were tasked with not intervening, even if the students were making a mistake. X-phase turned out very well. We spent almost our entire X-phase traveling the island of Sumba. We saw numerous beautiful waterfalls, beaches, and traditional villages. We ended X-phase when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a few days ago.

To begin, disorganization was the norm
However, we eventually managed to perform.
Humor and rumination were often found side by side
Common question: almonds or Cyanide?
Confusion and diarrhea were themes throughout
This improved relationships and character, without a doubt.
Thorne’s dead face and Eddy’s sweaty feet
Smiles and laughter are tough to beat.
Karaoke ferry rides in the VIP section
Visits to traditional villages with a smidge of staph infection*.
Power of community and jock itch
Sandwich, sandwich, sandwich.
Spiritual waterfalls and beaches
We encountered plentiful shells and leeches.
Micro whip or micro dab
Either way, Eddy will be mad.
We learned to seize opportunities with a hop
Mina exemplified with a 20 ft bellyflop.
We learned to wield the power of choice
Colin does a terrible southern voice.

*probably not