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Weekend in the Village!

Dear friends, family, well-wishers, and fans,

We have just returned from a short, two-day, visit to Saurabh’s village, Mudahua, a few hours outside of Varanasi city. We spent our time there wandering through village paths and rice paddies, relaxing, and trying lots of wonderful, delicious food prepared by Saurabh’s loving family. Some highlights were watching the sunset over the countryside from a nearby hill, sleeping in net-tents under the stars, and helping a bit with the rice harvest. Everyone was excited to see a new side of this area, which has been a predominantly urban experience for us thus far, and to do some more hands-on activities around the village.

Now that we’re back in the city, we are re-orienting ourselves to our studies and explorations here, and working to make the most of our short one week of time remaining here before we depart for our student-directed Expedition Phase to Amritsar in Punjab. More on that later…

Enjoy the attached photos of everyone in the village!